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How to Prepare Your Landscape for Winter

When plants harden off after the first frost or the equinox in September, water conservation becomes an important health factor for trees and shrubs as they prepare for winter stress. After the ground freezes, plants survive on stored water in their stems and needles. Long cold and dry periods coupled with winter wind can be devastating to our plants as they will quickly use up their stored water and become fragile. Evergreen trees and shrubs are particularly susceptible to winter damage.


We offer a solution called anti-desiccant, which is designed to safeguard your landscape from winterkill symptoms and lessen water transpiration. Anti-desiccants can reduce water transpiration up to 85% during the winter months. Flower buds, evergreen leaves and needles, twigs, branches and whole plants can be protected from drought, extreme cold, high winds and lack of snow cover insulation.

This remedy is best applied in 40 - 50 degree weather during a dry spell. A second application is applied in winter if recommended. Give us a call or email to sign up for your treatment.

Amy Wild