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3 Ways to Ward Off Summer Stress

Our hot New England summers make for bountiful gardens and beautiful blooms, but sometimes the summer heat is too much, causing more stress on our landscapes than they can handle.

Are you noticing the leaves on certain trees and shrubs starting to turn brown at the edges? Or certain plants just look wilted and tired?

Wilting hydrangea

Wilting hydrangea

Wilting rhododendron

Wilting rhododendron

It is the natural tendency for turf grasses to go dormant when the soil temperature reaches 70 degrees, which usually happens around the summer solstice.

We all like a lush green lawn and flourishing fauna in our yards, so we must provide the proper irrigation. It’s not just aesthetic though, making sure your landscape is fully nourished will also provide safety from winter-kill, disease, and pests.

What about drought? What if there is a town water ban or irrigation is getting too costly?

Luckily Boston Tree Preservation offers a few different programs to keep your landscape properly saturated while using less water, ultimately saving you money and ensuring that your yard stays at its peak potential year round.

Below we are highlighting 3 of our deep watering programs so you can learn which is right for you and your landscape. As always, feel free to call or email our office with any further questions!



H2Go is a deep watering (the equivalent of up to 1 inch of rain) with Hydretain, a patented blend of liquid humectants, hygroscopic compounds, and natural polymers that attract water molecules and hold moisture to which we add soil biology and nutrition for plant roots. The added products help with root recovery after extreme drought and nutrient uptake, promoting plant health necessary for overwintering.

H2Go reduces watering needs by 30% for 90 days in peak summer stress period.

We recommend this application for total landscape care, once during each summer, or after an extreme drought.


Surf ‘n Turf:

With Surf ‘n Turf, we add ocean kelp, fish hydrolysate, and available humate to your turf area to prepare your yard for summer stress and ward off most landscape problems over time. This program will give you a healthy, lush landscape with cleaner air and peace of mind knowing the products are pet, people and planet safe. Healthy soil sequesters CO2 too!

We recommend this application for your turf areas, once during each summer.


Gone with the Wilt:

Beat the summer heat and dryness with an anti-desiccant application to your valued ornamental trees, shrubs and lawn areas. The natural polymer product reduces water loss up to 15% for the trees and shrubs and 50% in the turf areas for up to 90 days during the summer stress period.

This Humectant/Hydretain surface application will help the turf and trees that share the root zone with minimal watering from you.

We recommend this application for ornamentals and shrubs that are wilting or starting to show signs of summer stress.

Amy Wild